Resolution: Don’t Get Sick Next New Year

Wow. I think I just found one of the most efficient ways to lose a week of your life: catch the flu. To be honest, once I went to the doctor and got meds, it’s not like it was that uncomfortable, but I sure didn’t do much other than sleep. That, and I drained the TiVo dry enough that I actually was starting to figure out when shows came on again. That’s scary all by itself. 🙂

Thank you to those that called and checked on me. I’m much better now. More importantly, it looks like Amy dodged it altogether. It’s one thing for me to take some sick time from work, but can you guys imagine if Amy had gotten sick the week before PHE? *shudder*

Oh, and the doctor said that the flu shot I got probably was useful. He was actually surprised how much kick I had left when I showed up at his office. So, yes, I will be getting the shot again next fall, thank you. 🙂

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Yep … that’ll totally knock you square on your ass. I never will forget getting the flu a couple years ago at Christmas … hell of a present from ol’ Saint Nick that night! [Still don’t know how the ol’ fart got in, as that apartment had no fireplace.]

Glad you’re better. 🙂

I’m glad you’re feeling better, and looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

I remember having flu one year and being pretty much down for the count for most of a week. I remember looking at the clock, thinking, I should get up, then looking again what I swore was only a few minutes later, and seeing that several hours had gone by…

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