Another One Added to the List

Amy and I were eating on our way back from Atlanta today when I noticed a minor commotion. Someone was bugging one of the other diners – apparently for an autograph and picture. It took me a second or two to recognize him (and IMDB to look up his name), but it was Wayne Knight. The poor guy was just trying to get some food, and he looked like he wasn’t really in the mood to sign an autograph. Amy and I felt sorry for him.

However, I think this counts as another on my list of inconsequential brushes with celebrity.  All the others so far have happened as part of my tech staff job at Dragon*Con. I once set up a fan to help keep James Doohan cool. Traci Lords spoke to some other people at my table at the awards banquet one year. I’ve personally handed microphones to Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Virginia Hey (got a “Thank you, darling!” for that last one). Finally, I inadvertently provided comedic assistance for Robert Picardo.

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