My Attempts at Compartmentalization Have Succeeded

My friend Geof Morris has posted/tweeted/linked/etc. several things lately that have really made me think. He keeps writing about things that center around personal privacy, our public personas, and what we choose to present to others about ourselves (and how).

I’ve been compelled to think about it a lot, partly because I find it interesting the ways in which I don’t quite agree with his opinions, and then the ways in which I do. Today’s grist for the mill came from the latest method that Facebook is using to manipulate their users’ information to Facebook’s own benefit… in ways which aren’t necessarily compatible with a user’s desire to keep control of that information.

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Punishments of Bob Marshall’s god

edited August 8, 2012: In the interest of preserving the content of this post “for posterity”, I replaced what was originally a link with the relevant text found at that link. My commentary remains unchanged. –Jeff

I am so incredibly sick of religious extremist assholes using the pain and challenges of others to score points in the media with their extremist base. Check out this latest gem from Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall:

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San Francisco Vacation Musings

added July 4, 2014: I noticed that this never got published. I’m not sure why not, but my first guess is that I was still working on it a bit at a time. Well, even without the wreck, I wouldn’t be able to remember the emotional details that I was shooting for. So, I’m just going to come up with an approximate date and go ahead and publish it. –Jeff

–original content is below–

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about my recent awesome vacation to San Francisco. I realized that if I concentrated on what I did, it would sound like an elementary school report. Instead, I’m going to give a shot at talking about how I felt about some of the things I did and saw. If nothing else, it will be more original. 🙂

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