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Here’s your linkfood for tonight. I found an online file system service called It’s probably most commonly used for backups, but it could work for a lot more things. I’m considering signing up, simply because it’s so flexible. It’s quite a bit more expensive per GB of data stored than Amazon S3, but they support lots of cool applications for accessing the files.

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I’ve been beta-testing a cool service called Dropbox which has really nice OS integration and a classy web interface. I’m not sure that its best use is as a backup solution though, as it seems more framed as a ubiquitous access service.

For S3, I use JungleDisk for access, because it has both Mac, Linux and Windows clients, and uniquely among the various S3 solutions it offers source code to extract your files from S3 in various languages in the event that the company goes belly up.

That said, looks pretty neat. I should check them out in more detail (as if I need more online backup).

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