Monthly Archives: June 2008

Online Filesystem Service

Here’s your linkfood for tonight. I found an online file system service called It’s probably most commonly used for backups, but it could work for a lot more things. I’m considering signing up, simply because it’s so flexible. It’s quite a bit more expensive per GB of data stored than Amazon S3, but they support lots of cool applications for accessing the files.

Debut Album

Most of my friends in the blogosphere have been participating today in a meme that invites you to learn what your band name and debut album would be. (link defunct) I blame Amy for infecting me. 🙂

I have to admit that I spun the wheel again on mine, because the first one was just too random to even be amusing. My second try came up with:

what you looking at !!
Rich Villa Hotel’s Dreamed It Would Be

[photo ‘what you looking at !!‘ by Saleh AlKhulaifi]