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A Sucker for Swearingen

Sometimes I have ideas which I’m not sure whether or not to post here. It’s true that this space is really mostly for me, but I like for the things I post to at least be interesting to other people (other people being the small circle of friends who I know read the site). I had one of those moments this week.

My relationship with music is kind of an odd thing. On the one hand, I have this oddly personal and emotional connection to the music I like. I get the feeling it’s a bit atypical (and probably a bit comical at times *grin*). On the other hand, I have friends who have much more training and talent in music who probably understand that connection but are puzzled at my tastes. I’m not as drawn to the purely original as most musicians are. So, you, my readers, end up getting really odd posts about Debbie Gibson videos and concert band music. 🙂

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One Little Song

This is twice now that one of Thomas’s journal entries has sent me off to find really cool things on the interweb.

This time it was a cool video he embedded in his entry. It’s of a group of electric string performers playing a very lively medley of familiar tunes. Hearing it took me back to my 7th grade year. I was a member of an area honor band that year, and one of the songs we played for our concert was a piece called “Instant Concert” by Harold L. Walters. It’s a medley piece that romps through snippets from something like 30 different well-known pieces of music… all at a constant tempo. It was an absolute blast, and ever since I’ve been able to remember the melody all the way through.

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Senior Memories: Reader Participation!

I just noticed today that my senior memory meme post has no question 12. I didn’t skip it. Eeyore didn’t have one either. At first I was going to be all boring and just try to find out what the missing question was, but then I figured out that this is the perfect opportunity for reader participation!

That’s right! You, my 3 lucky readers, have a once-in-a lifetime chance. 🙂 Drop in a comment that contains what you think should have been question number 12 about my senior year of high school. I will answer all questions from people I know (so don’t ask what you don’t want to know!), and I’ll probably answer even if I don’t know you. Just be sure I have your email address… I reserve the right not to answer publicly. 🙂