Good Day Becoming a Good Weekend

What started out yesterday as just a good day is turning into a peach of a weekend. The best new news is that the uberwagon is finally home! 🙂 Total time in the shop: 5 and a half weeks. I’ll write that up in another post soon. The short story: the long wait was annoying and undesirable but justified.

Amy and I went to pick me up some new pants, and we ended up buying me shirts, ties, shoes, etc. as well. I gotta give Men’s Wearhouse props. It wasn’t exactly a cheap trip, but the threads look nice, and they were obtained with no fuss whatsoever. I don’t like spending time shopping for clothes. If someone can give me some choices to look at and pick from, I’m a happy camper.

The newly-released (in region 1, anyway) DVD set for three of my all-time favorite Dr. Who serials (The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis, and Castrovalva) arrived yesterday. Cool DVD extras, and I get to see them in the best quality I’ve probably ever seen them in. The only time I’ve ever seen them is from the original VHS recordings I made *mumblemumble* years ago from PBS.

As for the previous post… Yes, I know it was cryptic and I didn’t allow comments so people could ask the obvious question. I wanted to put it out there how happy I was, and I wanted to have it recorded in the context of when it happened. However, doing it justice requires more detail than I’m willing to put on the site right now. I promise I’ll write about it once I figure out how I want to write about it. For one thing, it’s still very much a story in progress. Just know that it made me very very happy. Amy can confirm that. She saw it.

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