Another 80’s Music Meme

Saw this one on Eyeore’s LJ and of course was compelled to steal it. 🙂

(I got 80% right, BTW)

Your result for The Ultimate 80’s Pop Music Test…
80’s Music Encyclopedia
80's Music Encyclopedia

If this was a class in high school, you just broke the curve. I bet people come up to you all the time wanting answers to all of their 80’s music questions, after all, you know practically everything there is to know about the best decade in music! You, sir or ma’am, are the platinum standard when it comes to 80’s music knowledge. Congratulate yourself (and don’t let it go to your head)!

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Video Picks – parody, tribute, or both?

Can a video be both parody and tribute all at the same time?

Scissor Sisters: Land of a Thousand Words

I’m not enough of a James Bond film fan to pick up all the references, I’m sure, but I got enough to really get a kick out of this video.


Video Picks – Funny Faces

I don’t think I’m up for writing anything particularly deep tonight, and I just tonight figured out the perfect pair of videos for my mood. So much of video making is about poses and art and such. It’s really cool every once in a while to see someone having fun in a video. Tonight’s pair are all about people that look like they’re having a lot of fun. Pretty much the only reason I love watching these two videos is for the facial expressions. Prince: Kiss (1986) The woman on the stool playing guitar is named Wendy Melvoin, and she looks like she’s just having a blast laughing at Prince’s posturing in the video. I think it’s a perfect counterbalance for him. By the way, you should click her linked name. She has done and is still doing some interesting stuff.

Swing Out Sister: Break Out (1987) Nothing much to say here except that I just always get a smile on my face watching the weird faces that Corrine Drewery is making in the video. It’s a feel-good video for me. 🙂


Video Picks – Cheerleaders and Homecoming Queens

Tonight’s picks are inspired by the episode of VH1 Classic’s All Request Hour. Someone actually requested this next one:

Julie Brown: The Homecoming Queen Has Got A Gun (1987)

The song and video almost remind me of a Ray Stevens song, except not as funny. 🙂

So, why not go from the prom queen to cheerleaders?

Toni Basil: Mickey (1981)

Ah, the one-hit-wonder choreographer. 🙂 I like that she used real cheerleaders in the video (probably for the same reason I love seeing real band members in videos). Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to for someone do a mini “Where Are They Now” on the cheerleaders in this video? 🙂


Video Picks: virtual bands and the Johns’ teeth

I’m being a bit lazy tonight with these picks. Neither is exactly unknown, but they both just kinda strike my fancy.


When Bands Go Bad

I’ve been meaning for a while to post about a dilemma I’ve had.

It’s sad when a good band gets sucked into the dark side by a video director with a “vision”. Anyone can make a crappy video, but it’s especially painful to me when it’s a successful band that should know better. Even worse when it’s a song I actually enjoy.

Given that narrowed definition, I’ve been debating which of two videos I’ve seen truly qualifies as the worst video ever… the one that does the most damage to a song I really like.