A Minor Detail

post edited on July 28, 2022:
Starting at about 4:48 in this video, the detail I mentioned below gets pointed out!

21 years and who knows how many viewings later, I just now realized something new about Back to the Future with the help of the TiVo. I never noticed before that one of the consequences of Marty’s first trip back to 1955 was that Twin Pines Mall became Lone Pine Mall (as a result of Marty knocking down one of old man Peabody’s pine trees with the DeLorean). 🙂

One reply on “A Minor Detail”

Oh me. That’s some geekiness right there.

But, I know the exact feeling – when you notice something you’d not noticed hundreds (or dozens, whichever) of times before. You feel just a little bit superior. Or at least a little bit like a supergeek. ‘Tis nice 🙂

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