Un-Pimp Your Auto

The locals are quite aware that my brain has been pretty thoroughly eaten lately with my planned new car purchase. If everything is going the way it should, there’s one of these on a boat on its way to me as we speak. Amy and I are both pretty serious Volkswagen fans.

It’s also no secret that we love making fun of pimped-up econoboxes.
Thus, VW has created three of what I think are the funniest commercials I’ve seen in a long time:

Un-pimp your auto!

Side note: “Vee Dub” is played by Peter Stormare, who has been in Fargo, Minority Report, and a bunch of other stuff.

Another note (31 January 2016): I actually own a GTI Mark V now. 😉

2 replies on “Un-Pimp Your Auto”

oh god watching that mitsubishi eclipse and the toyota supra get crushed was painful… i just hope they were just decoys… hehe…

One of the only reasons to watch “Armageddon” is for Peter Stormare’s part. Hilarious!

Oh, and a funny thing is that even though he’s “representing Deutschland,” Stormare is Swedish.

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