Robot Chicken Meets Voltron Meets Jeff

It’s either really cool or really lame that I recognized the Voltron toy used in one of the episodes of Robot Chicken (the sketch where Voltron “got served”). It’s the exact one I had as a kid (and still have in one of my keepsake boxes). I used to LOVE that show.
And Cartoon Network and the YouTube posters play cat and mouse. The video works (for now), but unfortunately no lyrics any more.
Have fun!

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Don’t worry. Jon and I both recognized it as well. I thought it was the most hilarious episode that I’ve seen thus far. What a blast from the past!

Does anyone have the lyrics to that episode?? I really love the song but I’m kinda curious as to what they say in the beginning, if anyone does, that would be awesome, thanks in advance!!

Oh man I just loved that skit it was awesome. I used to watch Voltron too, and this was so funny.

btw the first words to the song are: Lets get it Going! something something something you momma something something What?, Work it out on the Floor. Work it out on the Floor, Work it out on the Floor. Work it out on the Floor. If You ain’t here to dance get your ass out the door. that’s the first verse. the second is a little harder to make out. but the next time that episode is on, I am going to put Closed captioning on. I do that often so I know that it should work.

the song is a parody of
DMX – Get It on The Floor (Featuring Swiss Beatz).
Not the friendliest song on the planet.

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