Do People Really Fall for This?

I’ve been meaning to post about this one for quite a while. My spam filters do a pretty good job, but a couple a day usually slip into my inbox. Here’s one from a sender named “Hubby Watch” that I just had to share:

4 Cheating-Wives have been matched for you in your area:

  1. Jessica, 120 lbs, 5′9, 36c, 10 miles away, available Dec 22-25th
  2. Laura, 127 lbs, 5′8, 36d, 8 miles away, available Dec 22-28th
  3. Tabatha, 117 lbs, 5′6, 34b, 19 miles away, available most nights(husband works midnights)
  4. Sandra, 134 lbs, 5′9, 36c, 21 miles away, available most week nights(looking for side-fling)

All 4 women are waiting to speak with you live & have photos. Webcam’s are available for all 4.

Amy got quite a kick out of this one as I ranted about it. Do people really fall for this? Apparently so, or the scammers wouldn’t send the emails. I mean, let’s say… just for a second… that I was shopping for a “cheating wife”. This email would have me believe that someone has taken the trouble to figure out who I am (using the “comments@” email address at this web site), and has also managed to somehow figure out just what kind of “cheating wife” is a “match” for me. Not only that, but they know where I live. How do I know that? Well, because they’ve been helpful enough to find matching candidates that all live within 21 miles of me. Wow! There are even helpful details on what time would be best for me to show up and what kind of relationship she’s looking for. Oooh. And webcams! What service!

Like I said, this crap obviously works on someone, but it’s really stretching my imagination to figure out who.

So, let’s have some fun with this and open up the voting booth here at Sliding Constant. Which one of these cheating wives do my readers (all two or so of you) think I should have picked? I forgot to ask Amy which was her pick. We’ll get her to chime in when she gets back into town. 🙂

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I think the first two would be more practical, as the closest…and I will point out to Geoff that Jessica is also 5′9″, so you could combine convenience with his apparent height fetish.

On the other hand, why choose just one?

found you on google. I was thinking about Duffie and did a google and your site came up.
Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Well, two more “matches” came in another email…

Current Matches:

  1. Jennifer Lord is within 27 miles from your
    location. She is married, but her husband is away
    almost every weekend and some weeknights.
  2. Andrea Horton is within 13 miles from your
    location. She is married but looking for another
    relationship while her husband is on the road.

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