Tenet Misquoted?

I followed a link today from Slashdot to an article from the Washington Times about George Tenet speaking at an “information-technology security conference” in Washington.

Most of it sounds like boilerplate vague “we need to make the Internet more secure” talk, but this line was interesting:

Access to networks like the World Wide Web might need to be limited to those who can show they take security seriously, he said.

It was not a direct quote. I wonder if this was a case of the reporter misunderstanding something and screwing it up, or if this really was said (in which case it’s pretty clear that Tenet has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about).

The Slashdotters, of course, went nuts. *shrug* Me, I mostly ignore ideas like this that are so obviously impractical to implement. I’m just curious whether Tenet really believes it.


One reply on “Tenet Misquoted?”

Well, if Tenet’s really that dumb, that’s fine. At least we know it and know not to trust him. Access to public office might need to be limited to those who can take liberty seriously.

Well, crap, that’s going to knock out 90% of Official Washington, isn’t it? Damn.

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