Survivor and Starbucks

I think most of my friends know that I’m a big 80’s melodic rock fan. One of my favorite groups from that genre is Survivor. The other night on TV, I saw a new Starbucks commercial (the previous text was a link to a .wmv file [the file is still there], but the newest Firefox isn’t happy with it, so I got rid of the link). I almost fell off the couch laughing and screaming when I figured out that it was really Survivor in the commercial. That’s just absolutely priceless.

The commercial in the file above is longer than the one they’re showing on TV. I can’t believe they wrote an entire verse and chorus!

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Oh yeah. I love that commercial. And thanks for reminding me who the band was! That was really bugging me not remembering the band name.

That commercial always entertains me.

Hey, maybe we should send you on that cruise with Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Journey.

I realize that you said that jokingly, Stephen, but it’s not much of a stretch for people to think that cruise is right up my alley. I don’t think I’d enjoy it that much, though. For one thing, I’m finally “growing out of” a lot of that music. That, and I’ve learned about myself that just being close to celebrities (in the “geographic sense”) really doesn’t do a lot for me. It really doesn’t make it any more likely that I’m going to get to know them, which is what I would really enjoy.

As for this particular song, I’ve heard it butchered before in the name of commerce. It got mangled and re-used for a Frosted Flakes commercial years ago. I think that numbed me enough that I was able to laugh at this commercial. 🙂

Just as a small note, they’ve also got a radio commercial that’s very similar to the TV commercial, but with the full lyrics. I heard it this morning on my way into work and really cracked up this time.

Does anyone where where I can find a download of the radio commercial where the guy wakes up and does a suvivor take of eye of the tiger. The commercial starts ‘ CHARTS, CHARTS AND GRAPHS, CHARTS AND GRAPHS. It was played down in Texas. I’m just a good ole Canadian boy looking to rekindle a laugh.

Yes, I would love to have a copy of that Charts and Graphs song too. That song so completely mimics my life… I only heard it once, but it totally stuck with me. I also heard it in Texas.

I would pay dearly for a copy of the “CHARTS! CHARTS AND GRAPHS!” version of the starbucks add.

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