Mozilla/Firefox plugins

Slashdot does has useful information occasionally. Today, they led me to an article over at Wired (archived copy on that has links to some pretty cool Mozilla (including Firefox) plugins.

My favorites so far are Googlebar (link defunct) and ieview. I’ll probably also end up trying BugMeNot (link defunct) before I’m done.

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I’ll give the Googlebar a try; I’ve gotten used to Ctrl-K and typing in my search, though.

I also use: DOM Inpsector, Link Visitor, Web Developer, easyGestures, and Popup ALT Attribute.

I’ll try some of these out once I actually start using my laptop to surf the web again (ie, we’re not using dial-up anymore)

There’s actually no reason not to continue doing that for simple searches even after installing Googlebar. Where the plugin shines is for more complex stuff. By the way, Ctrl-F12 is the Googlebar equivalent of Ctrl-K.

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