Syndication Working

It appears that I now have syndication working properly for the site. 🙂

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Wondergeeks syndication was all I was interested in to begin with. Step 1 was getting the site to act pretty much exactly like it used to (except with commenting). Now that that’s done, I will probably start gradually experimenting with other goodies as I find uses for them. BTW, thanks for the help, Geof. One of the side effects of doing this is I will be able to hand the WG syndication scripts back to you with some enhancements. I changed them so that they hook into the WordPress functions rather than having to make their own connections to the database. It means less setup. I’ll get those to you once I’m satisfied that they’re as clean as I can make them.

It’s looking like what’s going to happen next is that I’m going to fix some minor bugs I’ve seen in the Edit Posts screen. I just figured out the first one I found. Basically, they left out the little snippet of code that registers the variables at the top of that page. So, anyone who’s running with register_globals off (like me) wasn’t seeing the right stuff happen.

Let’s not get me started on Edit Posts.

Or, well, Post.

/me grumbles and bitches about “Advanced Editing”.

Anyhow, those syndication files were handed to me and are complete hacks that date back to the b2 days. I think Amy gave them to me; perhaps not. :shrug:

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