Ridiculous Amendments: #482

I really want to be writing about my recent trip to San Francisco, but that requires more brain cycles and time than I have available right now. In the meantime, here’s the first post in what I hope to make a series here.

For my non-Alabama readers, the current Alabama state constitution was written in 1901 and is currently by a wide margin the longest still-operative constitution anywhere in the world. Most of the length comes in the form of its almost 800 amendments. These amendments are necessary because the constitution reserves so much power for the state government that localities can do almost nothing without explicit constitutional consent.

I have very little hope that this document will ever be re-written, but if it does happen, it will only be because Alabamians realize just how ridiculous it is. To that end (but mostly just so I can poke fun and amuse my friends), I give you amendment 482:

The Limestone county commission is hereby authorized with or without charge to provide for the disposal of dead farm animals, and the excavating of human graves.

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