My New Outlet for Music

I’ve been totally sitting on this one for over a week. I wanted to make sure it was going to work out before I announced it, and as of tonight it’s official. I’m now a baritone in the Huntsville Master Chorale.

Way back in May, the Chorale had a free concert in the main library. Wendy and Morgan (new friends met through Amy at work) are members of the Chorale, and the combination of supporting friends, good choral music, and… well… free was too much to resist. Amy and I went and thoroughly enjoyed it. The literature performed was quite a varied mix, and it included more than one challenging piece. In the process, I spotted in the group a woman named Linda who is a regular at the local contra dance. After the concert, I walked up and spoke to the folks that I knew, and Linda asked if I sing and read music. When I answered “yes” to both she brightened visibly and said that I should join up. Once Wendy found out I was interested, she started encouraging me as well, and she tipped me off that the fall season started tonight, so I contacted Tom (the director). That was over a week ago. After my email and our brief phone conversation, Tom seemed quite sure that I would fit right in. I was a bit nervous, though. My voice is a bit rusty from lack of use, and I’ve never been in a formal choir/chorus/chorale or had any formal vocal training.

To shorten the story up a bit, tonight was my audition. Tom seemed very pleased at my abilities. So, I went immediately from my audition straight into the group’s first fall practice. 🙂 The music is certainly more challenging than anything I’ve ever sung before (some of it will involve learning how to pronounce Hebrew, for instance), but that’s a good thing! The other members were quite friendly, and I can already tell that Tom is going to be loads of fun as a director.

So, I finally have an outlet for singing. 🙂 I’m very excited. I’ll post more details as the season progresses, but I’ll go ahead and mention that our first performance this fall will be at Temple B’nai Sholom at 4 PM on Sunday, September 30 (I’ve chucked myself into the deep end! *grin*).

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That’s really awesome! I’m so glad for you! If they record any of the performances, let me know. I might interested in a CD. 😀

Hi – I was looking for stuff about the Huntsville Master Chorale online and ran across your blog. I am Mikki Shaw’s mom and Connie and Mickey Sharp’s daughter.Also a friend of David Harris’ (is He still singing in the group?) Just talked to Mikki and she said the concert went well. Wish I could have heard you guys! I moved to Ohio last spring and got to audition for the Lancaster Chorale a few weeks ago and made it in, so I know how you feel!
Kathy Heim

Thanks for commenting! You’re actually the second person who has told me about running across this post while looking for info about the Chorale. Stay tuned. We’re working on getting a web site for the group up. Hopefully it will be soon (we’re working out the design now).

The concert did go well. I have about half of a post written that picks up where this one left off. I meant to finish it last night, but I was dead tired and just didn’t do it. Hopefully today sometime.

David is in the Chorale this season. He’s one of my fellow bass singers. I’m horrible with names, so I’m only very slowly learning all these new ones. His isn’t lining up for me just yet, but I know I know him from practice. 🙂 I’ll make sure I mention to him, Mikki, Connie, and Mickey that you commented.

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