In a good mood

I figured it was a good idea to post about this for a couple of reasons. One is that my web log tends to serve as a set of “reference points” for my memory: a way to anchor events to definite times for when I go back and see them later. Like I’ve said before, I realize that this web log is mostly for me. However, I do know that a few other people keep an eye on it, and when a positive event happens in my life, it’s nice to share it with those people (especially right now when positive things are fairly rare in my life). Anyway, the “positive event” is that I’ve realized I’m in a good mood this morning. That’s all. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I bet there are at least 3 or 4 people out there who will cheer when they see this. 🙂

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Well, as I probably could have predicted, the positive mood pretty much evaporated after lunch time. To some extent, that makes sense (I started a new med today, and it gets introduced on a relaxed schedule, so instead of taking full doses two times a day, I go the first week taking a half dose each morning (and nothing later). However, the new med is to potentially treat my memory problems, not treat my mood. So, I don’t know for sure that it had anything to do with my improved mood. I guess we’ll see if it happens again tomorrow. I really hope so, because it was very cool to experience just a short period of good mood. It feels a little like having a face covering pulled off for a brief period of time only to then have it replaced again.

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