2 thoughts on “Song Leader Revolution

  1. Wow. Just Wow. That’s amazing. I’ve met both RJ Stevens and Cally Caldwell, oddly enough 🙂 But yes, this is hilarious. I just may have to repost this one 🙂

  2. I watched this video again tonight, and I wanted to throw in a comment about just how thorough these people were. At least one of them was almost certainly a member (or former member) of the Church of Christ, and maybe even a song leader. For those who don’t know, there’s likely to be an “alternate universe” where I became a song leader in a Church of Christ somewhere. Anyway, the thoughts I had tonight.. at 54 seconds into the video, they show the “120,000 point bonus”: a “Leather-Bound Song Book”. Two bits of funny there. When a church buys a set of song books, the publishing company often provides a free leather-bound copy intended for the song leader. The second bit of funny is that I’m pretty sure I recognize that book as “Sacred Selections For The Church” (link). I’m holding a copy right now. 🙂 I also still have my pitch pipe. It looks exactly like the one in the upper-left box in the video!

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