Monthly Archives: September 2005

The Tape

I was cleaning out the truck this evening, and I found The Tape. I can’t believe it. Over 21 years ago, I was passing the time on a summer afternoon recording songs off the radio on my dad’s cassette radio. Basically, if a song sounded interesting, I kept it. I ended up filling up most of one of those good old cheap “low noise” C-60 cassettes.

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Another One in the Can

Dragon*Con 2005 is now done, and we all escaped amazingly unscathed. The ‘con went incredibly well overall. I spent another 5 days honing my RegencyFu™. I’ll probably write more later, but right now I’ll just say this: I had some really awesome people helping me in the room this year, and it continues to amaze me that they seem perfectly willing to for me to do nothing much more than just let them know what needs to be done next. These last 2 or 3 ‘cons, I’ve always considered myself just as much a technical grunt as room runner, but it’s finally beginning to sink in that I’m probably most valuable concentrating on coordinating the room. If I continue to collect such talented help, I may be able to do just that.