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Nostalgia and Shrimp Sauce

Yes, it’s that time of year again, friends. A couple of weeks ago, I took another trip to Tuscaloosa as a corporate representative at the career fair. I promise I’m going to try to write about things other than my trips there, but it always seems like I come away from these trips with more to say than usual. Fortunately, I’m in a much less introspective mood than usual, and you even get a few pictures this time.

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A Recipe of My Own

(edited 26 November 2002: I made this again today and adjusted a couple of things. I cut the bacon to half a package, firmed up the cooking time [an hour is a bit too long], and modified the directions on the onions a bit so that you don’t have to drain them.)

I piddled around with this one until I think I have it right. Thanks to Monica for helping me find what was missing. I just happened to think that Misty and Stephen will be having these for the first time on Sunday. More converts!!

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