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Engineering Rock Stars

Amy is gradually getting better. With that, life begins to get back to the normal routine. We watched a bit of TV Saturday night, and the anniversary of the Challenger disaster meant that the History Channel was running a lot of space-related programming. We watched part of a program we had both seen before about the Russian space program. I set up TiVo to record the next program, which was repeat of one I had somehow managed to miss. It was a 2-hour special based on Gene Kranz’s book Failure Is Not An Option. The special is all about Mission Control at NASA from the beginning of the space program all the way through the Apollo missions. I was riveted.

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Feasts and Famines

The last several months have been a really introspective time for me. I’ve had cause to think about a lot of things in my life and ponder what I should do about them. Some of the stuff is personal enough that it doesn’t belong here, but I have a feeling it might be good for me to talk about some of ones that I can. If I’ve learned anything from Amy, it’s that writing can be a really therapeutic thing. Honestly, I don’t do enough of it.

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In Memoriam

Her name is Duffie Miller. I knew her first as Duffie Downing. She was named for her grandmother, who was an elementary teacher at our school. Amy, in her post termed Duffie’s siblings as “ragtag.” Duffie would probably smile at that description. She was the older of two biological children born to a couple that adopted (I think) 10 more children, spread in age from several years older to several years younger than Duffie and me. I don’t remember when I first met her. It was certainly some time in elementary school (after I transferred to Central in fourth grade). It was probably when we started beginner band together in fifth grade.

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