Humor feeding itself

A section of an IM conversation with a college friend tonight:

Me: So, Amy’s going to end up in Detroit teaching some folks about Drupal.
Tony: Cool. Are they providing a flak jacket?
Me: Quite possibly. We also figure she needs to take an extra $50 with her so that she can buy a house and a few acres of land.
Tony: Heck. With $50 she could buy half of GM.
Me: …and all of Chrysler.
Tony: *LOL*

Tony was my roommate for a year. We lived in a ghetto-like apartment, him this big black guy, and me the scrawny little white boy. I used to joke occasionally that I was his bodyguard.

Anyway, Tony is the king of the snappy comeback. Keeping up with him for a few lines tonight was an accomplishment. 🙂


Time, Belief, and Assumptions

In recent months, I’ve had a number of old friends, high school classmates, etc. find me on Facebook. If anything, the trend seems to be accelerating. It’s pretty cool chatting with people I haven’t talked to much (or at all) in about 15 years. Some of the people most supportive of my attempt at weight loss have been high school classmates. I’ve gotten some of the most flattering and encouraging comments about my writing here on my web log from old friends who knew me then.

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My new “friend” Jessica

New spam below which somehow managed to bypass the big G’s normally awesome spam filtering. “Jessica” says she’ll do anything I would like to see live on cam. Poll for the readers: what should we ask “Jessica” to do on cam? 🙂

hi, I found your mail in my contact list
i thought we might make a good match
Do you want to see me live on cam?
I will do anything you would like to see
Do you have a messanger? if so you can add me with yahoo or msn messenger

–obvious phishing email address removed–

P.s look forward to catching up soon 😉