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Com-Pak Music Theater: When Guitars Attack

Two recent (to me) media sources have proved to be a lot of fun for me lately: XM Satellite Radio and YouTube. Long-time readers (or people with way too much time their hands) may remember a post where I talked about “Com-Pak music“. Basically, it means what was playing on the local hits station when I was working at my first job. I mentioned “Joyride” by Roxette specifically, but there are a whole list of songs that snap my mind back to that time.

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Survived another one

Dragon*Con 2006 is in the books. Lots of fun, lots of friends, plenty of work, and a job well done. I’ve started the post-con decompression and analysis cycle already and have been trying to dump some thoughts into the tech staff message boards. I’ll probably have more to say, but right now I need sleep in preparation for work tomorrow.