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Band Music Snippet 1

My rambling about band music yesterday really got my mind on old songs. So, I decided to put that together with a cool toy I’ve played with before: some free music typesetting software called LilyPond. Here’s a snippet of the 1st trumpet part (my part) from a song I know we played. The promotional recording is still so firmly in my head that I can hear the place in the song where some scratches in the LP affected the sound. I cannot remember the name of the song, though.

I don’t expect anyone to recognize it. It’s just a fun thing to play with. 😉

Band Music

When I was in band back in high school, every year Mrs. Johnson (our band director) got promotional packages from the big music publishing companies. These packages included recordings of bands playing the musical pieces that the publishing company wanted to sell for the following marching season. Mrs. Johnson would leave the recordings out near the band room sound system so that the members in their spare time could listen and give her ideas for what music to choose.

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