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Half a week later… and if anything, the extremes of my feelings are worse instead of better. If given the chance, I’m not sure whether I’d throttle her or thank her. There’s not much room for anything in between right now. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’d be bawling while doing it.

know she wasn’t happy, though. I hope she finds happiness. That’s the honest truth.

I said that I didn’t know which, but I do want to say “thank you” for the best 14+ years of my life (so far).

Dipping Into the Well Again

Let’s say your band was one of the biggest hit-makers of the late 70s and early 80s. You went through your requisite Our Lead Singer is a Megalomaniac Crisis™ and went on hiatus for eight years or so. You managed to scrape everyone back together, record an album of totally new material, get nominated for a Grammy, and gear up to promote the album on tour. Then, just when everything looked like it was about to crank up again, your lead singer has a medical crisis, and it all hits the ground with a resounding thud. What do you do?

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Com-Pak Music Theater: The Wonder Twins

Tonight’s edition of Com-Pak Music Theater brings you more cheese and lots more hair. 🙂

Family legacies in pop music performance have always been fascinating to me (I’m going to post about Wilson Phillips one of these days), and I just recently learned that the duo behind (in front of?) tonight’s band are “double-legacy.” This family apparently made the Guinness Book for being the first one to produce #1 hits in three successive generations. When your grandparents are former radio, TV, and music stars, and your father is a former teen rock idol… Well, I won’t say “what else can you do?” (plenty), but it was certainly in their blood.

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One Little Song

This is twice now that one of Thomas’s journal entries has sent me off to find really cool things on the interweb.

This time it was a cool video he embedded in his entry. It’s of a group of electric string performers playing a very lively medley of familiar tunes. Hearing it took me back to my 7th grade year. I was a member of an area honor band that year, and one of the songs we played for our concert was a piece called “Instant Concert” by Harold L. Walters. It’s a medley piece that romps through snippets from something like 30 different well-known pieces of music… all at a constant tempo. It was an absolute blast, and ever since I’ve been able to remember the melody all the way through.

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Senior Memories: Reader Participation!

I just noticed today that my senior memory meme post has no question 12. I didn’t skip it. Eeyore didn’t have one either. At first I was going to be all boring and just try to find out what the missing question was, but then I figured out that this is the perfect opportunity for reader participation!

That’s right! You, my 3 lucky readers, have a once-in-a lifetime chance. 🙂 Drop in a comment that contains what you think should have been question number 12 about my senior year of high school. I will answer all questions from people I know (so don’t ask what you don’t want to know!), and I’ll probably answer even if I don’t know you. Just be sure I have your email address… I reserve the right not to answer publicly. 🙂