09 Jun 2005

guilty pleasure

in music

Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" video has become a new guilty pleasure for me, I think. The lyrics are truly inane, but I can't help but watch. :) The funny thing is that I don't normally find her all that attractive. Actually, I think it's all the high school band imagery and sound that do it for me. I could be wrong, but it looks like they wrangled members from a real band (or bands) to help with the video. Read more »

07 Jun 2005

Robot Chicken meets Voltron meets Jeff

in geekiness, memories

It's either really cool or really lame that I recognized the Voltron toy used in one of the episodes of Robot Chicken (the sketch where Voltron "got served"). It's the exact one I had as a kid (and still have in one of my keepsake boxes). I used to LOVE that show. EDIT YET AGAIN: And Cartoon Network and the YouTube posters play cat and mouse. The video works (for now), but unfortunately no lyrics any more. Have fun!


02 Jun 2005

One letter makes all the difference

in funny

You know, if you're creating helpful captions for a television program, you should probably have someone double-check your text.

This is a real shot from a show describing how to install a winch on an ATV.

Comments? :)

01 Jun 2005

musical baton

in memes, music

As prompted by Amy's post, here are my answers. I will try to use iTunes Music Store links where I can.

Amount of music on your computer? See Amy's post. Same general answer. I keep almost no music on any of my computers separately. It's all on the RAID. Read more »

26 May 2005

Feasts and Famines

in deep thoughts, life events/news

The last several months have been a really introspective time for me. I've had cause to think about a lot of things in my life and ponder what I should do about them. Some of the stuff is personal enough that it doesn't belong here, but I have a feeling it might be good for me to talk about some of ones that I can. If I've learned anything from Amy, it's that writing can be a really therapeutic thing. Honestly, I don't do enough of it. Read more »