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It's like duct tape, except it's not

An AP report on mentions that the shuttle astronauts are thinking about using duct tape to hold on a troublesome jet pack that caused problems during a space walk yesterday. I was all ready to cue the obligatory jokes about duct tape being able to fix anything.

Except, it's not duct tape. Quoting the article:

The spacewalkers hope they can use Kapton tape to hold the backpack latches in place when they make their next spacewalk on Wednesday. The tape is like duct tape but slippery and able to withstand both frigid cold and fiery hot temperatures.

Bwah? We use Kapton tape at work occasionally. If you've ever seen it, you'll realize that quote is a bit like saying, "Sand is like sugar, but darker and able to resist dissolving in water." In other words, Kapton tape resembles duct tape in that it comes in rolls and has an adhesive backing. That's about it. :)

I know it's a silly thing to post about, but there's something to be said for not stretching the facts just so you can get a catchy headline.

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So folks won't worry...

Many friends already know about this, but I've been meaning to post about it here so I could drop in a link and head off any worry from people who might spot it later. Read more »

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An unpopular opinion

I spotted Revenge of the Sith on the HBO schedule a little while back. Since I didn't watch it in the theater and had never bothered trying to get my hands on the DVD, I figured I would go ahead and have TiVo grab it for me. I finally finished watching it tonight. The verdict? It pretty much lived up to my expectations. I'll warn you now, a lot of you won't like what's beyond the "more" link. Read more »

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when bands go bad

I've been meaning for a while to post about a dilemma I've had. It's sad when a good band gets sucked into the dark side by a video director with a "vision". Anyone can make a crappy video, but it's especially painful to me when it's a successful band that should know better. Even worse when it's a song I actually enjoy. Given that narrowed definition, I've been debating which of two videos I've seen truly qualifies as the worst video ever... the one that does the most damage to a song I really like. Read more »

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In a bit of a rut

This has been a week of great wailing and gnashing of teeth in terms of computer maintenance here in the Amy & Jeff household. Read more »

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