06 Jul 2006

So folks won't worry...

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Many friends already know about this, but I've been meaning to post about it here so I could drop in a link and head off any worry from people who might spot it later. Read more »

15 Jun 2006

An unpopular opinion

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I spotted Revenge of the Sith on the HBO schedule a little while back. Since I didn't watch it in the theater and had never bothered trying to get my hands on the DVD, I figured I would go ahead and have TiVo grab it for me. I finally finished watching it tonight. The verdict? It pretty much lived up to my expectations. I'll warn you now, a lot of you won't like what's beyond the "more" link. Read more »

23 Apr 2006

when bands go bad

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I've been meaning for a while to post about a dilemma I've had. It's sad when a good band gets sucked into the dark side by a video director with a "vision". Anyone can make a crappy video, but it's especially painful to me when it's a successful band that should know better. Even worse when it's a song I actually enjoy. Given that narrowed definition, I've been debating which of two videos I've seen truly qualifies as the worst video ever... the one that does the most damage to a song I really like. Read more »

23 Apr 2006

In a bit of a rut

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This has been a week of great wailing and gnashing of teeth in terms of computer maintenance here in the Amy & Jeff household. Read more »

06 Apr 2006

Pictures of the new baby

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As promised...

picture 1, picture 2, picture 3

And Geof will especially get a kick out of this one. Try to read what the dash display says. It wasn't intentional, but it fits. :)