Band Music

When I was in band back in high school, every year Mrs. Johnson (our band director) got promotional packages from the big music publishing companies. These packages included recordings of bands playing the musical pieces that the publishing company wanted to sell for the following marching season. Mrs. Johnson would leave the recordings out near the band room sound system so that the members in their spare time could listen and give her ideas for what music to choose.

I LOVED those recordings. Most of them were pretty obviously done by professional wind bands in studios, and I developed a bit of an affinity for the style of music that authors usually wrote for marching band. I would often bring in a cassette and record some of the songs just to listen to later.

I miss having access to that. Back in band, our copies of the recordings were always on LP (we didn’t have a CD player in the band room), but I imagine that they were distributed on CD as well. I would do a LOT to get my hands on some of those demo CDs. I would especially love to have copies of the recordings of some of the original pieces I heard back then, some of them we played, some we didn’t. A few of the favorite titles were “Power Station”, “Wings”, and a western-themed one we didn’t play that I can’t remember the title for (but can still hear clearly in my head). In addition, though, I’d love to have access to the new stuff every year just to listen to.

I’ve looked around a little bit before, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in distributing these recordings just for listening. It’s probably because of licensing and such. I wish I could get my hands on them, though. I’ve found short snippets as sound files on publishers’ web sites (usually with annoying beeps in the middle), but never full-length songs.

*chuckle* Sometimes, I think I need to find one of the large local high school bands and start showing up in the stands at football game half-time performances during the fall just to listen. I would probably get labeled as the creepy stranger that no one knows, though.

I know! We just need to get Eli (and other friends’ kids once they have them) involved in band. Then I can tag along and not look creepy. 😉