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My new “friend” Jessica

New spam below which somehow managed to bypass the big G’s normally awesome spam filtering. “Jessica” says she’ll do anything I would like to see live on cam. Poll for the readers: what should we ask “Jessica” to do on cam? :)

hi, I found your mail in my contact list
i thought we might make a good match
Do you want to see me live on cam?
I will do anything you would like to see
Do you have a messanger? if so you can add me with yahoo or msn messenger

–obvious phishing email address removed–

P.s look forward to catching up soon 😉

Comment Response Meme

Stolen from my west coast friend Catherine. A couple of these are LiveJournal-specific, but most apply.


a) Tell you why I friended you. (no such thing as “friending” here)

b) Associate you with something — a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.

c) Tell you something I like about you.

d) Tell you a memory I have of you.

e) Ask you something I’ve wanted to know about you

f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your profile. (only applies to people on LiveJournal)

g) In return, please post this on your own blog.

Another 80’s Music Meme

Saw this one on Eyeore’s LJ and of course was compelled to steal it. 🙂

(I got 80% right, BTW)

Your result for The Ultimate 80’s Pop Music Test…
80’s Music Encyclopedia
80's Music Encyclopedia

If this was a class in high school, you just broke the curve. I bet people come up to you all the time wanting answers to all of their 80’s music questions, after all, you know practically everything there is to know about the best decade in music! You, sir or ma’am, are the platinum standard when it comes to 80’s music knowledge. Congratulate yourself (and don’t let it go to your head)!

Take The Ultimate 80’s Pop Music Test at HelloQuizzy

Back From Vacation

I do believe a week away was exactly what I needed, and now I’m back. 🙂

I’ll try to discipline myself over the next week or so to actually write about what I did while I was away. To start with though, here’s a quickie for you.

While we were in the “Sky Church” at the Experience Music Project, I started hearing a song that I immediately started humming along with but didn’t immediately place. Turns out it was an artist named Petra Haden doing an almost completely a cappella remake of Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Belivein’“. Turns out there was a competition for creating videos to go with that song and the others on the same compilation album, and YouTube has the video for this one. I don’t particularly like the spoken word portion. It doesn’t fit with the hyper-accuracy of the rest of the song, but I forgive it anyway. 🙂

BTW, this song was recorded for an album full of “guilty pleasure” songs.