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New site

So, I have a new web log up (finally). I'm not going to link to it here, but if I know you, feel free to contact me privately, and I'll give you the link. Smile I will no longer post any new entries to this site (but I do plan to leave it up for historical purposes).

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Post that's not in the monthly archive yet

added August 9, 2014: I guess Drupal updates the monthly archive on its own periodically, so the post indeed showed up in the monthly archive eventually. Now, I've re-dated it (a significant portion of a year earlier), because I was mixed up about which of our trips together to San Francisco it talked about.

--original content is below--

I noticed tonight that I had an unpublished entry from 2010 where I talked about our trip to San Francisco that year. It probably wasn't done yet (thus why it wasn't published), but I can't finish it now, and I wanted to make it visible. I haven't figured out yet how to make it show up in the archive list yet, but here's a link to it.

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A new beginning?

*sigh* I've sensed a potential breakthrough (and been wrong about it) enough times, that I can't be sure any more. I've come to the point where I've mostly stopped making predictions about how I'm going to feel and which things I'm going to finish when. However, my optimistic side is very hopeful, and the fact that it's peeking out is good news in and of itself. Smile

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The guy who doesn't want to be a "typical" guy (but in some ways IS)

For anyone who knows me well, it will probably come as no surprise that I was quite relieved when I came up with a reason why this whole situation is (mostly) my fault. For those of you who don't know me well and, yet, are still interested, I hope by the time you finish reading this "book", you'll have a general idea.

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Serious relief

Well, I took a look at the online account stuff, and I can see that the US Treasury has deposited the check that I sent to pay my federal taxes. That confirms a few different relief-inducing things:

  • I put the returns in the correct envelopes (I thought I did, but you know how you always obsess about these things).
  • The federal return actually arrived (I already got notification about the Alabama return through Registered Mail tracking).
  • The return I actually owed money on has been received.
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Confidence later in the day

So, this evening (actually, I guess yesterday evening now) I had a rather new experience in my recovery. I actually felt fairly positive and optimistic close to the end of the work day. This is a completely new thing for me! Smile

Earlier in the day (around lunch), I felt my normal daytime mood slump. There was a specific reason why my mood was down (one which I may decide to share at some point, depending on how the situation ends up).

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Well, it finally happened. It's about time, and as I strongly suspected it would be, it was music that triggered it.

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Half a week later... and if anything, the extremes of my feelings are worse instead of better. If given the chance, I'm not sure whether I'd throttle her or thank her. There's not much room for anything in between right now. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'd be bawling while doing it.

know she wasn't happy, though. I honestly hope she finds happiness. That's the honest truth.

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The wreck today

Now that I have some time, I figure I should let everyone know that I was rear-ended this morning. Me and the other driver were both unhurt. No one else was in our cars, and our two cars were the only ones involved. Honestly, it was very minor. What the other driver gave as his description matched mine.

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Beginning to see some things coming back

You know, I was originally writing one of my "extended novel" form posts., but I think I'm going to use this lockup as a signal that I should be doing something a lot shorter. What I was really trying to say was that as strange as it seems, I've decided to look at a small slip that resulted in something taking a lot longer than it should have as a sign that I'm gradually getting back to much closer to normal.

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